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You read it! God is kind of stupid and Buddha is bright...

Someone posted this nonsense on Facebook, a page named Star Plus' Factually Incorrect Mahabharat (SPFIM) and got many approvals by friends but SPFIM did not bother to rectify it. Since I was a member of this page, I spoke to straighten it out. I thought the administration to be a little bit favourable to vaishnavism even though it is quite rare nowadays, although I was a little bit sceptical about their stand on the matter. But then the administrator, finally, intervened and wrote: " Vijay here. I am finding all these verbal duels quite immature to be honest. I will only say this -the inner voice of conscience will always tell you what is right and what is wrong. Rest is all ego speaking."

Woah! Now I realized why he was so silent... He is coming from the same culture.

I want to reproduce here this "immature" exchange from my Facebook* page. (These people are so bright and immerse in peace and love, that they cannot even see the foolishness of their pretension for knowledge...) Here, how it goes:

Payel Saha: When the 8th Vishnu Parthasarathi (Krishna) claims Himself God, see what the 9th Vishnu's avatar, Buddha, says: “Doubt everything. Find your own light.” ― Gautama Buddha

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” ―Gautama Buddha

Me: You wrote: “Doubt everything. Find your own light.” And you think this is closed to philosophy ? It is not even logical, what to speak of philosophy!

Payel Saha: And who are you to judge Buddha? don't say you are Kalki...

Me: (Speaking of doubting! They insist that -others- must doubt everything; it does not include themselves and their own beliefs...) I am nothing, and that's what makes me wonder, but it sounds like you are unaware of a long tradition that has criticized Buddha very much, like Kumarila Bhatta and Sankara, just to name the most famous. Plus, I doubt that Buddha had ever said such weird things.

(I will not edit the following to show the way they function. It is quite symptomatic on how their minds work and the interest they have for writing and art, in general.) 

Payel Saha: Now you say Kumarila bhatta or Shankar matters most or Lord buddha .. whol world bow in one word .. many xyz people criticize great men .. even Jesus Christ has been criticized. AND if you have doubt about this Lord Buddha's last lines was these what he said to his dearest student Ananda .. go through TriPithak

Sayanee H Lecter (to me): That means be your own light, be your own guide, don't follow anyone blindly. And while talking about philosophy, you don't even have to reach Buddha, read the renaissance period history of India. All great reformers from Raja Rammohan Roy to Derozeo to Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar ji all have said this philosophy only .. Judge with open mind, strengthen it with your logic then only believe.

Me: "Be your own light, your own guide, don't follow anyone blindly" This is quite different from “Doubt everything. Find your own light.” Anyway, "Be your own light, be your own guide" is just as much ridiculous. It takes a little psychology to understand the poverty of this statement... It is just an atheist credo which says : No God no master! (It is interesting to see the kind of reference she has...) Reformers are so so many, they come and go. Here we are talking about Buddha, Krishna and the Mahabharata. So what did they reform that you are throwing their names here ?

Payel Saha: Be your own light means trust yourself the most, be confidant, "Doubt everything, find your own light means" don't trust anything blindly. Why ridiculous? Is being confidant sounds ridiculous? Buddism is appeared at the time when Hinduism was in bad condition, superstition captured Hinduism. Vedanta is the original base of Hinduism, Buddha again tried to enlighten people with the philosophy of Ved Vedanta darshan. According to these scriptures the almighty is Nirakar Brahman. He stays in everything and yet he stays in nothing..he is light and he is darkness. You have to search and find him within yourselves, for that you have to be open minded...It means God exist in every existence yet He exists nowhere. Like he exist in theists as well as atheists... Buddha is also 9th Vishnu, you don't understand him that's understandable but how can you call him illogical?

Me: (That was an introductory for first grade religious course.) If you were a little bit open and less stubborn then I could answer and tell you a lot of things about Mahabharata, spiritual life, psychology, logic, culture, art, etc. I already told you the contradiction of your statement you are attributing to Gautama. Now you are coming again and keep repeating: "Doubt everything, find your own light means don't trust anything blindly. Why is it ridiculous?" That means you did not understand. I have already doubted everything and I found my own light. So now you are doubting my sincerity... The worst in your methodology of thinking is that I am telling you that I am doubting your statement about Buddha and you are not happy. Still, you don't understand the dead end of your proposition. It is a catch 22.

Sayanee H Lecter: read the renaissance period history of India. All great reformers from Raja Rammohan Roy to Derozeo to Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar ji all have said this philosophy only .. Judge with open mind, strengthen it with your logic then only believe.

The general rule among people who are promoting Buddhism is to denigrate God, Vishnu in our case. Then when you show the ignorance and inconsistency of their attacks, they launched cries of outrage and declare that you are intolerant...

Me: It is like if I was asking who are the great spiritual reformers of the XX century and you will name Gandhi or Rabindranath Tagore! They were great politician and poet, no doubt but not vaishnavas, Vishnu's devotees. Although people like to quote Gandhi all the time for the way he loved Bhagavad-gita, but he really was not much concerned about Krishna, Vyasa or any Vishnu's devotee. This H. Lecter is completely out of the track. We are talking about Mahabharata and she is giving me names of personalities who hate the vaishnava cults, they denigrate the Puranas and make Krishna an ordinary man. India, nowadays is the product of such haters of sanatana dharma. These men, politicians, wanted to make Indian culture resemble the monotheist tradition of the West. They were ashamed of their own religious tradition, wonderful temples and great devotees like Ramanuja, Madva, Vallabha or Chaitanya (his birthday celebration is coming after tomorrow...), therefore they wanted them to look like a Mosque or a church. They wanted that Indians stopped worshipping and bowing down to idols and gurus, to spiritual leaders. Definitely, I, as an outsider, don't have the same view than these vaishnava haters. Since I was a very young boy I was fascinated by India. I was 4 or 5 years old when my parents used to go and see Egyptians movies, they will bring me with them. In these movies a lot of Indian scenes were played. So, these women, here, were wondering why I am "hiding my face", and dare to call me, in their arrogance and stupidity: "cowards like you!" This, just because I said I was doubting Buddha's quote they have published. So, on "Star Plus' Factually Incorrect Mahabharat" people can come and insult Krishna and the Pandavas but if you object to Buddha's reject of vaishnavism then you get all these hysterical women on your case. I am not hiding anything. I am giving all the time the link to my blog where you can see my face and video clips about me... But they just talk nonsense. They don't know anything other than magazines and movies where they can admire men half naked with big muscles. This is what they call Culture!


You should doubt everyone, exept me.

You should doubt everyone, exept me.

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