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Publié par Laziz

And where "your own reason and common sense" come from ? Is this how you teach your child ? No, you want that he listen to the advices of his parents, and later to his teachers. Do you think knowledge about God and other worlds can be get by mental qualifications ?! You need a spiritual master and his teaching to understand what is beyond death. Books are there to guide you. All the great masters have said that. A medicine may be bitter to your taste but it is by taking it that one heals not by following what your mind likes... Only after being trained under the guidance of a proper spiritual master and having read the right books you may listen to "your own reason and common sense". First, you need to be trained then you can fly by yourself. The "No God, No Master" is a killer of transmission of knowledge and bring only confusion. No one is capable to think just by himself; we are all part of a whole community of entities. Books and masters are the back ground of the mind. It is just a question of choosing the right ones.



Religion ( en anglais)
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